Report Card Day

Boy 1: Whats wrong with you? You've got an Ffff ...
Boy 2: F is for Fantastic !!

I remember the most dreaded days of my school years were the Report Card day, when we came home with the marks card displaying our performance in that term. Walking up to my Father was often unthinkable, especially after having a quick glimpse at the Math column that was circled in bright red where the teacher had made a remark about how fantastic my performance has been. Shaking and shivering as my knees fellow-shipped with each other, I desperately wanted to fast forward this moment of thunder and lightning bolts that followed while wishing that belts were never invented! So here's another artwork from my personal life that so many of us can relate to. A time where looking back now, we let out a chuckle; But in those moments were unthinkable.